Shri Shivnath Yogashram




Brahmlin late freedom fighter Yogi Ramnath Shastri first started Motinath Sanskrit College in Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan) in 1914. His aim was to establish Sanskrit as an International language. During partition, he shifted his base in Delhi. In Delhi. He met the villagers of Basai Darapur and tells them about his Sanskrit college which was running at that time in Rawalpindi. When the villagers listen his thoughts, they donated 15 Bighas 20 Vishwa land bearing Khesra no. 1509 at Bandarwali Khui, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi. On this land One Sun Temple named “ Shri Shyama Ballav Harihar Surya Mandir was also situated at that time and the villagers told him to look after the temple.
Yogi Ramnath Shastri took the help of locals and his followers to establish the college and also took keen interest in Surya Mandir. His hard work paid dividends and the college building came up on the donated land. In the meantime, he also completed the construction of Shri Shyama Ballav Harihar Surya Mandir.
Yogi Ramnath Shastri was not only a patriot but was a religious man too. He was a visionary. He not only develop college and Mandir but he also provided small kiosks to needy people so that they could earn livelihood and live respectfully. He opened one Dispensary, One Mahila Shilpkala Kendra and one Gaushala(Cow- Home). Through Sewing Center, he want the poor woman and the girls to learn and earn, while dispensary will look after their health. He established Gaushala for the benefits for the students so that they could get fresh milk.
Yogi Ramnath Shastri took the help of locals and completed the whole system. He knew it very well that to run this show effectively he needs a team of dedicated persons, so in 1969, He registered a Trust in the name of Shri Shivanath Yogashram, under society act. The said land was donated by Sammlat Patti Riyal, Basai Darapur by the Choudharis of the village. His efforts started bearing fruits and classes started from VI till Master Degree. This college was run by donation but on 1st May 1971, the then Governor of Delhi Aditya Nath Jha sanctioned financial assistance to the college by the Delhi Administration. This was done by the Governor for the first time after Independence. Yogi Ramnath Shastri, the visionary died on 8th February 1985.
After the death of Yogi Ramnath Shastri, Ex Councillor Mangat Ram Tanwar took the charge of Shri Shivnath Yogashram. He rentlessly worked for the betterment for the college and Surya Mandir throughout his life. He died on 2 April 2007.
Ex CM Madan Lal Khurana of Delhi and Late Mahant Avaidyanath MP supported Shastri for his novel cause till his death. Mahant was a trustee. Now, Mahant Adityanath is the Trustee.
Today, Motinath Sanskrit College is doing excellent service in the field of Sanskrit education. The College has completed 100 year. This college got some of the best Sanskrit Scholars as it Principal. Late Vedanand Jha was awarded President medal for his outstanding contribution in the field of Sanskrit. On the other hand, Ex Principal Shri Mitranath Yogi was awarded Sanskrit Sewa Samman by the Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs Sheila Dixit.
Those students who are keen to learn Sanskrit language came from different parts of india. They came, learned the language got their Degrees and today thousands of them are well placed. The students of this college are not only excellent in Sanskrit but recently one Student got selected in sports at India level. Till today, the schooling and fooding is provided FREE OF COST to the students by the Shri Shivnath Yogashram (regd,) trust.
Today, this organization is run by the able team members of Shivanath Yogashram which is represented by its President Rajbir Singh Tanwar, Secretary Dinesh Kumar Tanwar, Vice President Satendra Verma Jt Secretary Shivram Tanwar and Treasurer Sukhbir Saini.
Recently, ie on 5th March 2015, Shivnath Yogashram has constituted a new committee to look after the day to day affairs of the Shri Shyama Ballav Harihar Surya Mandir. Following persons are nominated as President Sunil Kumar Tanwar, VicePresident Pratap Singh Panwar, B M Bhandari, General Secretary Lalit Suman,Secretary Satendra Kumar Verma.
This new committee of Surya Mandir is working tirelessly for the repair of the Temple with the full support of Trustee.
Shri Shyama Ballav Harihar Surya Mandir, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi is the second Sun Temple of India after Sun Temple Konark, Odissa.
In the premises One Shahidi Smarak(Martyrs Stoop) is situated. Those Freedom fighters fought the independence battle had brought earth from different part of the India and put them in a earthen baul, which is kept intact till today. It is a holy place for freedom fighters.S
It is said about the Temple that those who perform Yagna on Shashthi Tithhi( Six day of Hindi calendar) in the temple, his all wishes are fulfilled by the grace of Lord Surya and those lit the diyas in the temple, his/her house are filled with lights. Till today, thousands of people got the blessing of Lord Surya